The Abyss

Adrian de León
3 min readJun 16, 2021
Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

Our society, most probably due to its Americanisation, is determined to succeed in its “pursuit for happiness”. Despite an exponential growth in technology, science, and material prosperity it is debatable whether we are coming any closer to a successful pursuit. Most jarringly, it appears that society has unanimously decided what the definition of happiness is. It has canonised the parameters of happiness and its synonyms: joy, success, content, amongst many others.

The meaning of life still alludes us, neither science nor religion have been able to convince us. Many of us will convert from one belief to the other in our lifetimes, quite often faith in religion will seem appealing as we reach the last of our days. However, if you are to believe society and its capitalist tendencies then the meaning life is nothing more than achieving happiness.

Happiness is the epitome of a fulfilled life; it is the dominant philosophy of humanity’s contemporary understanding of what reality is. Our current understanding of what it means to be human, and most importantly how we got to be here, is bespoke to our generation. Of course, as a whole, there is a continuity throughout history in our understanding of humanity and its characteristics. Whether these are moral, philosophical, political, or biological, there are many tropes and common understandings that exist today that have existed since the first civilisations.

However, we can only understand, or begin to believe that we understand, a subject with the information that we are privy to. We delegate our understanding to the written books of history, to the published discoveries of science. .

Many of us delegate our opinions to the media platforms that do the best job at stroking our ego, or those that provide the comfiest of blankets to our sensibilities. On a similar topic, any act of “logic” will only remain logical within the framework — based on knowledge of facts and a common understanding of agreed outcome - imposed on the act. A great example of a change in logic is the field of physics. Logic in physics existed within a mechanical or Newtonian framework; then quantum theory and the theory of relativity shifted the definition of logic in physics.

The gatekeepers of our society have made us believe that our current societal trajectory is logical, and is the…