Divide and Conquer.

Adrian de León
3 min readMay 30, 2020
Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

Regardless of how much autonomy and agency you believe you may have, society is a construct. We do not chose our names, our genetics nor the language that emits out of our mouths. Whichever the era, a human would be born into the preconceived idea of that society. In this instance, our society is one dominated by Neo-liberalist capitalism. The aim of the game is profit and money; and you, my friend are a commodity. You are valued by your economic output and nothing else. If you broke you’re a joke.

The system is built solely for the appropriations of resources to expand growth, and this has been true since the dawn of consumerism. From spices, to coffee, and oil, society has been geared to consume. The centuries have passed, and whilst empires and kingdoms have fallen, democracies risen and dispersed, consumerism has remained constant. The system prevails whilst the means to sustain it vary in appearance.

We have been made to believe that humanity is a decisive construct. We forget that as a species we share our 5 senses and the conscious realisation that we exist. Surely, this should be enough of a common sense of wonder to help us ignore the decisiveness offered up by the construction of the system. Nature has enough questions within it to keep us entertained for a life time. Whether you look at the formation of rocks, marvel at a tree from its roots to the very tip of its highest branches; or simply inhale the scent of the flowers that lay in your path, are we not entertained? Clearly not.

As a species we seem to long for the magical, the tales of tragedy or romance, and relish the cacophony of war epics. The artefacts of nature, its vegetation and animal kingdom had to become allegories or mythical creatures. Their very nature was insufficiently engaging, so we attached symbols and metaphors to their existence. It may be true that other animals dream, but we may be the only species unsure of when this dream state ends.

Humanity has always been shaped by images, and have engraved them inside caves or on their skin. Pictures speak a thousand words, and much of contemporary history has been shaped by famous images rather than famous words. Jesus resonates through the image of his crucifixion rather than through the words he uttered. What stays in our psyche are the images of war prisoners, refugee children…